About Panasonic HC-MDH2M Full-HD Camcorder (Black)

Panasonic tenders you a HC-MDH2M Full-HD Camcorder that has exciting features like Crystal Engine Pro that quickly processes large amount of data that is essential in Full HD images, which help to increase its quality and it also helps in producing smoother high resolution zoom shots even when the range has exceeds the optical zooming. The 1080 Horizontal Resolution allows you to shoot high resolution FULL HD image that is capable to capture the smallest details. With the easy to view 3 inch LCD screen you can operate this camcorder very easily with your fingertips that provides smoother intuitive operation. 
The Illuminating LED Ring present in this camera allows you to verify in a recording that is in progress smoothly and you can also turn on and off the illumination of this camcorder.

Other important features in this camera are Filter Diameter- 49mm, Lens Brand- Panasonic Lens, Standard Illumination- 1400 lx, Iris- Auto / Manual, Image Stabilizer- HYBRID O.I.S. + (Optical Image Stabilizer), Level Shot Function, Creative Control- Time Lapse Rec, Audio Recording System- 1080/50p, PH, HA, HG, HE: Dolby Digital (2ch), Media Remaining Indication and On-Screen Display Language- Chinese Traditional, English, Thai, Arabian, Persian and Hindi.

This camera is a mirror less camera, which supports multiple lenses that is similar to a single lens reflex camera. There are several on screen display languages that make it easy to use this camcorder like Persian, English, Thai, Arabian, Hindi and Chinese Traditional. This camera has a 2.0 Hi-Speed USB interface that allows you to share videos and images with other compatible devices very easily. The 5 Axis HYBRID O.I.S plus and the Level Shot Function automatically corrects and detects the tilt in images and captures even more horizontal images that have been shot in awkward positions. It also helps in capturing sharp and vivid images and videos. The Manual Ring provides easy fingertip control over the exposure settings, zoom, and iris.