Wireless Broadband net
Kappa Internet Services Private Limited focuses on high quality and excellent customer service at affordable and competitive price. We will provide you corporate solutions for internet connectivity. Our Internet service is ideal for companies who use FTP, Mail Server, VOIP, ERP applications, streaming, audio and it is provisioned on last mile such as fiber and R.F network.

Our Internet Services are offered through our Branch Offices in Rajasthan to ensure higher uptime and lower latency with Dedicated bandwidth. We have back up lines from multiple providers. The primary service automatically falls over to the redundant backup line to keep your business connected in the event of a service disruption. Customers have found that our business continuity solutions deliver increased levels of uptime and reliability compared to a single-connection service.
Kappa Internet Services Private Limited is passionate about providing exceptional service and personalized support. In addition to 24x7 network monitoring, we have dedicated technical support staff to ensure that we meet or exceed our customer’s expectations